Folks, this will be short and sweet. if your child has or your suspect your child has a diagnosis in the Autism/Asperger domain, I want you to go to the article linked for you here and read every word. The new term for autism will be “social communication disorder.” It is important for us to understand that when the psychiatry profession changes how it views our child’s disability, many other things can change as well. In this case, how schools qualify or don’t qualify these children for services, whether insurance will cover their services, etc. hinge upon how these diagnostic standards are written. If you are unaware of how much potential change is coming for our children as a result of these decisions, you may be caught completely unprepared to help your child or your family. Please read the article, do some investigation, learn how you and your child are likely to be affected by this change in diagnositc standards. There may be a shift in how the public views the autism diagnoses in the future as a result of these changes–and you need to be aware of that, too. Go here: @socialthinking #The DSM-5 and #ASD: My Thoughts by Michelle Garcia Winner

Winner included the new DSM V criteria for the autism diagnoses at the end of the article. Read those, too and see where your child’s diagnosis is likely to fall. Does the new diagnosis describe a nice fit for your child? Or is your child bunted out of the description and likely to be left without diagnosis in this area? You need to start strategizing and working with your child’s professionals now as to how you can maintain your insurance and school benefits if the new diagnostic standards don’t fit your child well enough to qualify.