Protect Those Cums!

Hurricane season is in full force, and in Miami, where Hurricane Andrew blew thousands of buildings to bits and trashed one of the region offices where special education offices kept thousands of students’ IEPs and 504 plans, we learned a very important lesson.


We learned here that so many parents had no copies of anything that when a storm destroyed a major storage area, it took over a year to re-evaluate, re-IEP and get those students back on track. Those of us who had our copies at home and protected got back on track immediately (or as soon as a school was available for our children).

Here’s how:

1. Request a complete copy of the cumulative file. I’ll post some sample requests in a couple of days.
2. Make a copy of your copy. Put it in a safety deposit box, send it out of town to a friend or family member to keep for you.
3. Keep your copy easily accessible during storm seasons so you can quickly double-wrap it in plastic and keep it the way you keep property deeds, bank records, etc. (Don’t tell me you don’t do this!!!)
4. Keep this file updated every 6 months.

This year we’ve had floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, and no hurricanes, but the year isn’t over. My clients, if they’ve done what I suggest, have all their important records in one place in a water-proof, fireproof storage container. When you evacuate, that container goes with you, wherever you go. It is your lifeline to starting over, and for your children, if you have to move, it is instant FAPE in any other location without having to start over in the IEP process.

I wish you calm weather, solid earth beneath your feet, and much happy laughter in your homes.


2 Responses

  1. Michele,

    Would you please contact me via your private email in order for me to advise you regarding sensitive word you have in print in a public forum?

    By your contacting me, it could save you further embarrassment.
    After you email me with your private email I will not use it further to contact you, nor will I retain it on my computer or other places.

    My email is

    Thanks so much, and I will be as sensitive as I possible can in relaying to you what is publicly posted.

    Raymond L. Britt

    • What is this, a spambot? “CUM” is the name of a school file. Many words have more than one meaning, it just takes an education to know that.

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