What works is what’s right

Students seek posture that is neurologically comfortable, gives them the best vision, helps them sustain their attention, and isn’t distracting to them.  Everybody else has to focus on their own business if someone else’s posture seems odd…and in about 3 days nobody notices anything anymore.  Encourage your students to find their comfort posture, whatever and wherever it is.  Standing?  OK.  Leaning on the lab table?  OK.  Sitting Indian-style on the floor?  With a scrap of carpet to prevent growth of callus on ankles, OK.  With a lamp on the desk?  OK.  Near the AC so the droning noise blocks out other distracting sounds?  OK.  Away from the AC because it is distracting?  OK.  Singing the words while reading, the way others read aloud?  Make a study carrel and put where other students won’t be distracted and OK.  You record what is to be read, student plays it and memorizes it, then follows text with finger…OK.  There is no “right way.”  But there are many, many ways that work.


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